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Hominids: our ancestors between us

Sightings of Bigfoot in USA based on informati...

Sightings of Bigfoot in USA based on information from the BFRO Geographical Database of Bigfoot/Sasquatch Sightings & Reports (accessed 2009-04-08). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The human being started their walking 5 millions years ago. Since the beginning, probably in West Africa, the diferents hominids were distributed around the world. We studied that we had an evolution that ended with the Homo Sapiens, but, the question is: What could be happen if, as the Celacanto, one of our ancestor had survived? Here we are going to analyze three cases of differents places around the world. Sasquatch: Has its origin in North America. Sasquacht mean “The Man of the Forest” in the language of the Canadian first setters. In 1811 we have the first testimony, when they discovered footprints in the snow. The interest in Sasquatch  was accelerated in the 50’s, after some alleged photos. The most spectacular chase was in 1924, but we knew about it in 1957: Albert Osman was “kidnapped” by a sasquacht family. He escaped because one of the sasquatch ate a can of snuff and became ill. The cryptozoologist believe that the sasquacht could be a Gigantopithecus and they can reach about the 3 meters and 300 kilos. Someone of them believe that it could be Neanderthals. The last notice that we had about the sasquacht was the analysis of any samples collected in North América. Thanks of these analysis we know that the sasquacht is a hybrid, because we have got human traces in the mitochondrial DNA. This it is possible maybe because the sample is contaminated or maybe long time ago we had a cross between sasquacht and humans, this is so important because, if we have a common ancestor we can’t hunt the sasquacht. Andara’s Bear: is a female who lives in the Picos de Europa (Spain). This female disappear when the winter arrives and appears in spring. The first tales come from 19th. Her body is similar to the Neanderthals, but we haven’t got any reminder.  We thought that we are talking about a Neanderthal because the description talks about a female with a very wide thorax, a projecting face and a poorly developed chin. Almas: in mongol mean “wild man”. We can find them in Mongolia, Caucasus and Pamir mountains. We are talking about a bipedal being of 1.95 meters, a hairy body and human face. In 1430 Hans Schiltberger pick up some histories about these creature during its captivity with the Mongol King. Another chase is from 1850, when a female, later called Zana, was captured and “domesticated”. The most spectacular case was from 1941, during the Second World War. A wild and frightened male was captured by the sovietic army. After some interrogatories, and as he couldn’t speak, they decided to shoot him under accusation of be a german spy.



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North Sentinel and its uncontacted

North Sentinel Island

We listened histories about civilizations of uncontacted and we located it in leafies forests where it is imposible to arrive, but it isn’t the case of Nord Sentinel, an island which is near to the India’s coast and has about 72 km2 (27,8 sq. mile).  To add more questions about Sentinel we must know that the population of the island have a small heigh, more or less 1,50 meters (4,92 ft.) and they have their own lenguage.
They are no so much population, because they were very damage with the 04’s tsunami, that destroyed the natural defences of the island. These natural  defences made the island an unassailable place without a natural port and it is surrounded of a treacherous coral and a wild tide. That defences and the beligerent character of this people, have made of Sentinel the Paradise of these civilitation anchored in the past, like 60.000 years ago.
Sentinelenses are an agressive people, fierce advocate of their territory and feared of their neighbours tribes. There are not many contacts along the history, the last one was a few years ago, when two sailors arrived to the Sentinel’s coast, appearing a few time later their bodies covered of arrows. The first contact that we have news are from 1880 and it was a failure.
Since the 70’s we find a few attempts of contact by some psudocientifics expeditions. One of them was an expedition with a cameraman of National Geographic and two army policemen between the passengers. First they try to approach the beach but they were received with an arrows rain. Finally they could  arrive to the beach and there they left some gifts. That is something that they never must do because with these gifts could be a great cultural shock and with these “gifts” we could transmit some diseases, innocuous for us, but deadly for them. That excursion ended with the cameraman of National Geograophic injured by one of the arrows. The last attempt was in the 90’s, when they tried to go step by step, leaving food in the sea, food that the sentinelenses collected. Finally these expeditions stopped after the critiques of international organizations, because it could made to the sentinelenses a dependent civilitation.
The last news that we could find in internet were sad news because in India it’s trendy the “Human Safaris” where a bus cross the forest looking for civilitations, uncontacted a few decades ago, finding sad situations like forcing a woman to dance, to amuse the tourists, for food.


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