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Ibn Arabbi: The God’s poet

Abu Bakr Muhammad Ibn Arabi was born in Murcia in July 1165 and died in Damasco (Siria) in December 1240. In Murcia is known for an avenues name: “Abbenarabi”, but now we are going to try to know anything else about one of the most important and revered figure of the mysticim. His works had at the begynning a great repercussion in islamic world, but nowadays his ideas has been reached a great importance all over the world.

English: Ibn Arabi

English: Ibn Arabi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 His father was from Murcia and his mother was bereber. He moved to Sevilla when he was a child. Soon, his craving of knowledge, made that he traveled Al-Andalus and the north of Africa, knowing in his trips differents groups of sufis branch. Later he travelt to Irak, Arabia and Siria, where he was buried.

 Ibn Arabis work has a religious kind, but he is not just a mystic. His work talks about his interpretation of the world until the islamic law. For Ibn Arabi, God is a supreme being. He developed a relationship between the “created” and the “creator”.

The most importants works of Ibn Arabí are three:

-“The Linkers of knowledge”: his most important work. It is a reference for his followers.

-“The Lighting of the Meca”: this work is a compendium of the Ibn Arabis knowledge. In this work he studies the meaning of the islamics rituals.

-“The wishes interpreter”: it is a collection of love poetry

 The importance of the work of Ibn Arabí is his universality, himself admited that all the beliefs are equal, founding the differences in the interpretation of the same reality


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