Allghoi khorkhoi: the mongolian death worm

Allghoi Khorkhoi

A few years ago I red a book called “Criptozoología” by José G. González and David Heylen. There I met the Alghoi Khorkhoi a cryptozooligical animal from Gobi’s Desert in Mongolia.

 Before to all we must locate  where Gobi’s Desert is. In mongol, Gobi means “very large and dry” and it is a desert of 1.300.000 km2. It is a so dry desert, with no vegetation and where we could find a temperature variation of 70º between the day and night.

Alghoi Khorkhoi it is a long animal, apparently, without head and legs and very similar to a intestinal parasit. This is a criptozoologichal animal feared by mongolians, because it can to throw a venom, maybe an acid, which can kill a hourse or and a camel easily. To this we must add that it can atack at the distance with electricity.

The first investigation was from 1926, when the north-american biologist, Roy Chapman, collected a book with his experiences during his trip in the Gobi Desert in 1922. Early 90’s, Ivan Mackerle made a hard investigation, reaching the conclussion that is a soft animal, without bones and vegetarian. Maybe it is an important fact because in the places where we have testimonies we could find Cynomorium Songaricum, a plant with poisonous roots.

Which kind of animal could be? According to any biologists and chriptozoologits maybe could not be a worm and it could be a lizard or a snake, but the most strange it is hability to make an electrics shocks. Ivan Mackerle believe that it could be a lizard or a snake related to the “death snake”, a kind of snake from Papua New Guinea and Australia. This theory has two big problems: the first one is that Australia and Papua it is so far away. The second problem it’s that in the description of the Alghoi Khorkhoi it’s a no-legs animal.

This is an image for the article about the All...

This is an image for the article about the Allghoi Khorkhoi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, we don’t know anything about Alghoi Khorkhoi, it’s origin or appearance, we just have testimonies of some witnesses and some deaths of the cattle of people, in stranges circumstances.


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