The Baron Island Legend

Isla del Barón

Baron Island (Photo by Javier Martín)

The Baron Island is the biggest island of Murcia (Spain) and it is in the centre of the Mar Menor. It is a volcanic island and its top are 104 meters over the sea.
The island belonged to the army until 1726, being a prison. In the second half of the XIXth we found our protagonist. His name was Mr. Julio Falcó d’Adda and he was born in 1834 in Milan. Related with the Spanish royal family had a carefree life since he gone to the prison after kill a man in a duel. After he left the prison, in 1878, he bought the island where the prison is and order to built a palace.
His parties was famous and in one of these parties he knew the other protagonist of our history. Relate the legend that in one of these parties he met a Russian noble woman, which its family was ruined. Her family agreed the marriage immediately.  She didn’t love the baron and she usually walked naked along the beach, bathing her white skin under the moon. Time passed and their relationship was the same. One night the baron decided to kill his wife with the help of a servent.
Now, nearly 120 years later, a lot of sailors narrate that in the night they saw a white radiance in the beach, as the Russian noble continuing enjoying the warm water of Mar Menor in the full moon  nights.

Mar Menor

The Mar Menor Coast (Photo by Javier Martín)


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